Planting Zones in Wisconsin
Peach Trees Potted in a Row

It is our goal to help home and business owners develop the perfect outdoor living areas for the buildings on the site, using Mc Kay Nursery “know-how” and quality plants, trees and shrubs.


Products & Services

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  • We offer commercial and residential services
  • Our services begin with an evaluation of your present landscape and special considerations
    • Care is taken to carefully analyze your zone and soil conditions
    • The owner's desired level of maintenance
    • The owner's preference in color and variety

  • A specialized landscape plan is prepared and presented to the owner
  • Call for a design for your home garden and orchard
  • Plants are ordered directly from McKay Nursery and delivered to the property
  • Plants are guaranteed whether you plant or we do
  • New! Natural resources inventories to create 'green building' site plans
  • Customer service follow-up as needed

Curb appeal is important when preparing your home to sell. Consider updating your landscaping. For home interior staging, contact Cottage to Castle Home Staging & Redesign


Cottage to Castle Home Staging